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March 16:

Big hopes for 2016 here at the Attic - you'll already have seen our new WWIIcons range the Terror of Ultima Thule, which will be followed up pretty quickly with our Urban Magic releases, ushering in a Spring of fantasy and horror here at Attica. And from there? We might re-visit the WWII'ers a little but in the main onto ever-more modern magical fun stuff. Having played around with scaling a little, we are now settling into a bit of a 35mm vibe you might notice. If we're honest we played around a little with the more "classic" 30-32mm, but truth be told even though it isn't as likely to sell as much, the 35's - from Wyrd to Knight to Heroclix and the accompanying skirmish rule styles, from Batman/Spiderman to Malifaux to SuperSystem are simply what appeal to us most.


Previous Updates Below:

Summer 2015

Wow, another year on since we last updated this page: time really flies.

Attica is undergoing a wee renaissance at the moment - after a busy spring summer '13, we had to put things on the backburner mini-wise (mainly as our other major project came to fruition in the form of a bouncing baby girl! But also as, at the same time, Mr Greenstuff came down with a frozen shoulder rendering sculpting a no-no for a stupefyingly long time – “sculptors shoulder: it’s a thing”, so he says) followed by a crushing period of "real world work" yuck.

Then, about a month or so ago, like spring to a beleaguered farmstead, the love returned. Although our next range is to love as a slug is to lettuce: the vile Slithereen are upon us!
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These things are horrendous: they’re sinuous, gelatinous, basically any “-ous” that’s a bad “-ous” (except maybe “specious”). They’re also in places pretty funny, like all truly schlock horror. The tiny Slider Infectors in particular inject some humour: but just not anywhere you’d want an injection, as our Victims will happily testify. Hot on the heels of the Slithereen, autumn will bring our WWII super-thugs, the Thulans and our first foray into modelling all things demonic and elemental as the Supernaturals touch down. Anyway enough about us, how’ve you been?

Attica Games: The Plastic Population Group  - jpeg image

Update time! Wow a whole half year on from our launch (well just about. ish) and things are going pretty well here at the attic. We’ve had some great feedback from some well supportive customers and the learning curve is (hopefully) starting to level out…

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Big points of learning:

Number one - time our releases. More of a steady stream than the big “whoosh” of last September: and we aim to rectify that straight off with some steady 3-4 figure a month releases from now until summer at least – with our new ranges. The Plastic Population forms our Spring Surge and the follow-up nasty-pants Slithereens our Summer Swelter.

Number two – everyone loves a bargain…and we are no different. So expect to see some discount combis on our existing ranges and some double, treble and gang savings on our new releases as they appear. Attica Games: The Graduates Group  - jpeg image

Number three - make it relevant. Either give folks a game or give them the chance to see your figures in the games they already play. We’re working on that – our own mini-game (codenamed Overlords and Destroyers) is just getting worked over right now for free publication hopefully by mid-year. At the same time we’ll publish sets of scenarios and a bestiary and update all three as new ranges are created – expanding, refining and helping people get the feel for the Shiver minis. Attica Games: The ESP'cher Group  - jpeg image

Number four – America is big. I know you know that. And to be honest we knew it too, but what we had never anticipated as a small Glasgow-based company is that within three weeks of launch getting on for half our orders would be from the USA. From Arkansas to Alaska here’s a special thanks to our customers in the Land of the Free.

Number five – When it comes to photos, paint better or not at all. We’re trying to do both: you’ll see what we mean. Let us know what you think.

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More chat in a while and regularly from now on, on the Attica Blog, through ads and our Facebook Page as well as a further update here around the time the Slithereens come shlucking out of the undergrowth. Get in touch, keep in touch and thanks for looking in.



This. Is. Attica!







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