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Shiver is set in the world of the near-now, where a range of forces and factions - from the formless madness of the Molten Meteor, to the psychological horror of the ESPchers, from the mass produced plastic population under the megalomaniacal hand of Professor Polyphemus, to the (relatively) benign Elements of the Forces - each represented by miniatures from Attica's Shiver range - wage battle to control that most essential of Earth's resources the very life-source, the Psionic aether.

Given the forces at play, these battles - dazzling displays of primordial cosmic energy - can take place just about anywhere: Perhaps the canals of Venice or maybe of Mars…; is that the floor of a Roman coliseum or just the toy-strewn bedroom floor of a child-god from a higher dimension?; Maybe the Grand Canyon but just as likely the dark side of the moon; Perhaps facing remorseless Slithereen horror in the crushing depths of the Marianas Trench is just what an Operative needs after braving the ESPchers’ attentions in the echoing corridors of a cyclopean dollhouse lost in the fathomless depths of time and space!

Click on the pictures to view individual figures in each range.

Attica Games:  - The ESPchers - jpeg image

The ESPchers

What's that? Over there - did you see it? Just out the corner of your eye, and that noise - that whispering, don't you hear it?!? Or are you going mad?
Well if you are, it's only because they want you that way.

Welcome to the ESPchers - the Lords of Mistrust, Paragons of Paranoia. What you've heard about abductions, tests, misbegotten hybrids? Its all true. And its only the tip of the iceberg. The powers of the ESPchers are as unworldly and vague as the creatures themselves - shredding the nerves, the very sanity of those unfortunate enough not just to catch their attention, but to become their prey.

The ESPchers are tall figures, being roughly 40-45mm to eye height.

Attica Games: - The Molten Meteor - jpeg image

The Molten Meteor

Indescribable, indestructible, nothing can stop it! It came from beyond the solar system to consume and to grow: its threat will multiply, remorseless, unchecked. There is simply no reasoning with this horror - no hope in anything but its destruction.

Attica Games: - The Molten Meteor - jpeg image

The Graduates

These Geeks are about as tough as they are keen when placed in the way of danger: video games and role play may be more their forte, but here they are up to their oxters in horror, Shiver style.

Attica Games: - The Plastic Population - jpeg image

The Plastic Population

They are the Plastic Population, living invention of the fiendish Professor Polyphemus – Product of the Population Printer, Property of Polyphemus ™. These poor proto-people begin to degrade within days, sometimes hours of leaving the birthing pod, ending their lives as little more than flesh puppets of their evil master, caring only that they survive long enough to carry out his orders.

Attica Games: - The Slithereen - jpeg image

The Slithereen

If the Slithereen are of this earth, then their origins lie far from any region explored by man. Their physiology and life cycle is so alien that it represents a threat to our very existence. For we are not their enemy, not even their prey - no! We are merely reproductive material to be used in the propagation of their vile species. Simply biological matter - theirs to exploit in their urge to procreate their foetid, cankerous kind.

Attica Games: - The Terror of Ultima Thule - jpeg image

The Terror of Ultima Thule

The Cult of Ultima Thule had existed in the forests of Bavaria since before the time of the Romans, dutifully worshipping their gods - those trans-dimensional beings often known as the Outer Lords. And there they would have remained, quietly following the path to obscurity and eventual desuetude. That is had they not inducted into their ranks, in the autumn of 1934, the son of a Baddenkrag farmer, one Karl Franz. For Karl was no regular backwoods offspring, to be satisfied with quiet worship and the casual attentions of the Outer Lords through the mundane rituals of a moribund sect: a gifted young physicist and geneticist, Karl effortlessly blended the arcane with the scientific, bringing a new rationalism, a blend of cosmic nihilism totally at odds with the Cult's pastoral roots. But critically he brought power, a power the dull wits of the Cult had never so much as contemplated.

In the dark spirit of those dark times he was quick to grasp control, renaming his sect the Rationalists of Ultima Thule in honour of his scientific and supernatural inspirations. In the wider world, Karl's skills were quickly utilised by the Nazi government's war programme, whilst his standing in the spheres of the occult brought Franz - now renamed "Herr Drachen" to the attention of the Fuhrer himself - protecting the Cult from annihilation at the hands of jackbooted thugs.

Now in excess of a century old and only twisted and embittered by the passing decades, Drachen and the re-invigorated cultists (now more often known as "The Terror of Ultima Thule" - a name in which Drachen revels) prepare the Krystaal Omnihedron to release the monstrosities which are the Outer Lords on our unsuspecting, unprepared world.

Attica Games: - The Supers - jpeg image

The Supers

The Supers are here! A range of 35mm minis to cover all your super-heroing gaming needs, from our interpretation of Golden Age icons, through costumed and caped archetype to the grittier, suited (and booted) heroes and anti-heroes of the modern era. And don't forget the villains!




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